Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, November 18, 2011

:: A sNaKe in ThE gRaSs ::

Last 2 days was very surprising to me as I first find out that there is "a snake in the grass" or in Malay idiom is "musuh dalam selimut" among my colleagues. How would you feel when you find that someone you trusted the most is pretends to be your friend while secretly doing things to harm you. It's upsetting to learn that someone you once viewed as a good colleague is in fact a snake in the grass.
People are so unpredictable. If we looks physically, we can see everyone was so happy, helping and supporting each other like a big happy family. But, who knows what are actually inside their deep heart? Like I said before, in my previous entry (Fake Mask), "Everyone wearing mask on their face". So, everyone was hiding something, right?

Now, I know it is true when people say that "true friends are hard to find". I always wonder why is it so hard to find? Maybe because in life, people keep changing at all different times and are not the same as they once were. But, is it true people keep changing? If that so, ourselves must be changing as well, right? Maybe we just don't realize that we are changing too. As we get older, friends keep come and go in our life. It is difficult to find the ones that will stay by you. Many of them only need you when they are in difficult time. Other that that, they will abandon you. It is hard to find one to be your true friend who not fake and pretend to care about you, but its not impossible, right...? So, don't give up in searching true friends. Enjoy your life and make friends a lot. Hope someday you will find one among them.. (^__^) We just have to be careful and not easily trusting people.. Let's keep searching together... (^__<)

p/s : Do good to others as you would like good to be done to you..

Sunday, November 13, 2011


We shared smiles..
We wiped the tears & through the years..
Our FRIENDSHIP has grown along with us..
You are truly a wonderful part of my life..

A FRIEND gives hope when life is low..
A FRIEND is a place when you have nowhere to go..
A FRIEND is honest..
A FRIEND is true..
A FRIEND is precious and that my friend is you..!

FRIENDS give us the courage
to lift the blinds on our hearts,
to open up &
show what we generally keep hidden
from the nest of the world..

I don't need words to express..
I don't need tears to shed..
I don't need to ask for a smile..
Or a hold me..
All I need is to be your FRIEND,

We have known each other by chance..
Become FRIENDS by choice..
Still friends by decision..
And when we say
That's definitely a lifetime promise..!

p/s : Sahabat adalah anugerah yang tidak ternilai...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

:: FaKe MaSk ::

Hye guys..!! Happy Saturday!! It's been a while since I updated this blog. So, wanted to give you a brief overview of what has been going on. Apologies for the lack of updates because I'm quite busy stepping on my new stage of life which is working stage, but it's good to be busy, right? It shows i'm making in progress! But it also shows I have to experience more stressful & challenging things. (+__+) Never mind. You may have noticed that this blog have been make over. So, how the new image looks like? Nice? Too pinky & childish? Who cares?? (^__+) Thanks to my niece for her patience in helping me make over this blog. I fully appreciate what you have done for me. Thanks again. (^__<)

Btw, forget about the image things. Wanted to share with you something. I learned a lot from working life. One of the things that I learned is "DON'T JUDGE PEOPLE". Please remember that we don't have any right to judge people. I hate people judging me & I also don't like judging people. EVERYONE in this planet IS IMPERFECT. So, don't ever think that YOU'RE GOOD ENOUGH to JUDGE OTHERS. Don't misunderstand me. I don't pointed to anyone. Just wants to share my thoughts. Sharing is caring, right?? (*__*)

Sometimes, we don't realize that WE ARE judging people & sometimes, we don't realize that we are HURTING people with our words or actions. We are humans & humans cannot escape doing mistakes. It's not wrong doing mistakes. But, it is wrong when we doing mistakes & not learning from the mistakes. So, in order to reduce or avoiding us from doing the same mistakes again & again, we just have to keep reminding our self that everyone has their own strengths & weakness. (^__^)

One of my trainer said that "Everyone wearing mask on their face & we don't have any right to force them to remove it". Do you agree?? I agree with him. We don't have any right in forcing people to remove the mask but we can help advising them. But, if they don't want to, we cannot push them, we cannot remove it for them. Let them pull the mask by themselves. They have the rights. So, remember what I said just now & give it some thought, ok? Will updates more soon. So, keep waiting & enjoy your wonderful weekends..!! (^__^)

p/s : Don't judge my journey until you've walked my path....