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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, January 2, 2012

Dec 2011 MoVie ReVieW


I watched “Arthur Christmas” on Saturday, 3 Dec 2011 with my nephew & niece. This movie started with a little girl writing a letter to Santa.

Santa doesn’t read the letters that are sent to him. But Arthur, Santa’s younger son who works in the Mail Room read & replies it.

Arthur’s older brother, Steve who is brilliant makes Santa’s job easier with the machines, huge spaceship & smart phone. As they return to the North Pole to celebrate “Mission Accomplished”, they find there is a present that are undelivered. They actually miss a present for a little girl.

After having some arguments with his older brother & father, Arthur takes the responsibility to deliver the missing present with the help of Grandsanta. That’s where the adventure begins actually. So, 3 stars for Arthur Christmas!


Because of we have become addicted on going to the cinema, we decided to watch “Alvin & The Chipmunk 3” on Saturday, 17 Dec 2011.

But the movie is not really exciting as the first “Alvin & The Chipmunk”. So, 2.5 stars for “Alvin & The Chipmunk 3”.


On Thursday night, 29 Dec 2011, my sis, my younger brother, my nephew, my niece & I went to the Wangsa Walk Mall to watch “Papa I Love You”. Not really an interesting movie actually. Just interested to watch because of a little cute girl, Mia Sara Nasuha. (^__*)

This film is all about the relationship between father & daughter.

2.5 stars for “Papa I Love You”!

p/s: Sorry, I'm too lazy to write.. (+__+)

❤ OmBaK RiNdU ❤

I have waited to watch “Ombak Rindu” quite a long time. What interest me to watch this film is of course the hero, Aaron Aziz (>__<) & another thing is because I have read the novel during my secondary school. The novel was very exciting & different from other love stories. So, I expect this film would be exciting as the novel too... My sis who is a novel lover also excited to watch this film. So, we decided to go to the TGV cinema at Wang Walk Mall, buying the ticket. However, all the tickets for Ombak Rindu were sold out on that day. Very disappointing. Luckily, we got the tickets for the day after which is 4 Dec 2011 (Sunday). We even luckier when we got the chance to meet with the heroin for this film!! Guess who? It’s Maya Karin…!!!!!

Actually, we quite surprise because after this film ended, a few people came in & said they have bring us one of the characters in “Ombak Rindu”. I think it was just a joke. Surprisingly, it’s not! Maya Karin really came…!!!! (@__@)

The film is interesting but I think it will be more interesting if it is a drama series, right? (^__^) 3.5 stars for Ombak Rindu!

p/s : Check another reviews on the next entry... (@__@)

Nov 2011 MoVie ReVieW

Not in the mood today because something terrible happen last night and still continue until tonight... Huh?! *sigh* Perhaps it will not last for tomorrow too. Otherwise, it will drive me crazy. Really! But it’s okay. It’s make me feels want to update blog after so long not update it. Finally, today I feel like writing something... It’s good, right? So, don’t think all bad things or problems just give you headache. It can give you goods as well... (^__^) Btw, enough about the bad mood things. Let’s move on & focus to something else... Actually, I want to write some movie reviews I visited cinema quite often last month. So, just want to share my opinions about the movie. You can share your opinions too if you want... Just drop it at the comment box below the entry, ok? (^__*)

Aku Bukan Tomboy

I watched this film on 26 Nov 2011 (Saturday) with my cousin when we were shopping at Timesquare. I like it. Very funny & enjoyable... The actors & actress carries their character very well. Especially my favorite actor, Shaheizy Sam! (^__+) But, Burn character is not really fits Syamsul Yusof. Even with the nerd hairstyle & the glasses, doesn’t make him looks like a nerd as the character should be... He still looks smart & “macho” as usual... However, nice try! (^__^)

The ending is a little bit "tergantung". Maybe the director wants us to think ourselves or maybe “Aku Bukan Tomboy 2” is coming soon?? (*__@) Who knows? Btw, Salina Saibi really good in carrying “pengkid” character named Sam. Amazing! Well done! The most interesting thing about this film is the script is really great. This film use the dialogue that always been used by teenager today... Interesting & amusing! (*__^) This film makes me realize the differences between “pengkid” & “tomboy” because before this they look the same to me. (@__@) How about you? Did you know the differences? Btw, 4 stars for “Aku Bukan Tomboy”!!

Puss in Boots

On 28 Nov 2011 (Monday), after sending my cousin to the Pudu Central, I, my sis & my brother’s kids watched “Puss in Boots”. Doesn’t have much words to say about this movie because it doesn’t really interest me even I watch it in 3D.

It is just a simple movie. Actually, we didn’t plan to watch this movie. Just wanted to kill times with the kids. I give 2.5 stars for “Puss in Boots”...

p/s : Read some more reviews on the next entry... (^__<)

:: KaRMa ::

Dulu kau nak tunjuk lagak sangat kan. Kau rasa kau hebat sangat sampai semua orang kena dengar cakap kau. Orang bagi kau susu, kau bagi orang tuba. Tu cara kau balas budi baik orang kan. Orang baik dengan kau, kau ambik kesempatan. Sombong sangat. Ego menggunung. Tak pernah nak bersyukur dengan apa yang kau ada. Kau rasa kau layak dapat yang lebih baik. Segala yang kau ada sekarang, kau rasa tak cukup bagus, buruk. So, kau buang segala yang kau ada sekarang jauh-jauh. Kau cari yang baru. Yang lebih bagus bagi kau.

Tapi sekarang apa jadi?? Kenapa?? Kau nak kutip balik apa yang kau dah buang dulu?? Akhirnya, yang kau rasa buruk and tak bagus dulu tu la yang kau cari balik kan. Kenapa? Apa jadi dengan pengganti baru tu?? Masih tak cukup bagus untuk kau?? Atau dia dah buang kau sebab kau tak cukup bagus untuk dia? So, kau nak ambik balik apa yg kau dah buang dulu? Layak ke kau? Tuhan tu Maha Adil kan. Kau dapat balik benda yang sama kau bagi kat orang. So, betullah kata orang “Kalau kita tak nak orang buat benda tu kat kita, jangan la buat benda tu kat orang lain”. Treat orang lain sama macam kita nak orang lain treat kita. So, marilah kita sama-sama ambik ini sebagai pengajaran ye. (^__^)

"Try to Treat Others as You Would Want Them to Treat You"

p/s : Kalau lah semua makhluk di muka Bumi ni follow the rule “Treat others as you would want them to treat you”, korang rasa it would make the world a better place???

❤ 2012 ❤

"Beribadatlah kamu
seolah-olah kamu akan mati esok hari & bekerjalah kamu
seolah-olah kamu akan hidup 1000 tahun lagi".

p/s : Selamat datang 2012..! (^__^)